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released July 28, 2010



all rights reserved


Adam Henry Garcia Maplewood, New Jersey

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Track Name: puck
Enchanted forest is a fucked place to call home
I guess they're exciting, until the time when you realize you're alone
I mean I'm loveless (oh so loveless!)
I pair up the horny fools (horny fools!)
I pimp the mischief (mischief man)
But all I want is you

I work for an asshole, the king of the sprites and elves
They call me Goodfellow, and I'm in my own private hell
I run with the pixies and we've had our moments fine
I've seen them all naked, but they are the ordinary to your royal divine...

She's so fine
And the reason's gone along with all the rhyme
And the mountain higher than you're meant to climb
And you'll find in time, in time a crime to pine
With a lovesick glow so bright it strikes you blind
And the fine line bind repeats inside your mind
it's a question: Won't you be mine?

Party rages every moment waking
No concern for love, my heart is breaking
Piece of soul each reveler is taking
Gory fantasy, there's no mistaking

Punk champion kills the band tonight...

Left standing here like the old forest knave
Shadow behind all the love that you gave
Immortal's torture, where's my early grave
Pass me my pan pipes so that I might exeunt with
False glee
Woe is me
False glee
Woe is me

Hey... yeah-e-yeah-eee

La la la la la la la
Tra la la la la la la
La la la la
La la la la
Track Name: the chief
Hey yeah yeah
Yeah hey yeah yeah

He's been shuffling his desk and poisons
They used to say 'there goes the chief'
but chief of nothing is what he's become
Giant rat-maze traveler
Who ducks the jive and rabble her
Face in his minds-eye has been grayed behind clouds of soda'd rum

You used to be the mystery man oh
when you were a boy the world wanted to know what was inside your mind
Stars and oceans they collide
And the light inside you eyes
Has the answers to all of the questions about wrong and right

Hey yeah heah
He quit drinking, he quit working
cause the man pays him in grief
He found new leaves
Turned the over
Watch that chip fall off his shoulder, yeah
He left it all behind
cause he was not satisfied and I say:
Don't fuck with The Chief...

You want to be an astronaut
See the world from outer space
You want sympathy because you're not
As I turn away you do not get to wear confusion on your face

Hey heah heah
He quit smoking, he quit working
Cause the man pays him in grief
He found new leaves, turned them over
watch that boulder off his shoulder
He did not sit down and cry
He just left it all behind and I say:
Don't fuck with The Chief...

Eggman falling and breaking
Friendship sick and full faking
Small box set on the taking
of your mind leaves you shook and shaking

Coward's never in season
There's no shortage of reasons
One side sees it as treason
Other side finds criminal pleasing

Do, do not there's no trying
Small green man wasn't lying
Soon you'll carry a dusty game plan
Soon shake hands with a rusty hangman
Say goodbye cause you're dying

He found new leaves, turned them over
Watch the whole world off his shoulder, yeah
He left it all behind
Cause he was not satisfied and I say:
Don't fuck with the Chief.
Track Name: jenny
Did you know Jenny from Puerto Rico?
Ran the parlour, Brooklyn at one time
There's a boy from Jersey wherever he go she go
Because they share a laugh, a voice a piece of mind
And in his eyes her memory shines every Christmas time

Did you know that Jenny fancied the bingo
Played it with the boy once, maybe twice
And the boy he's been dating the gringo's
Jenny wouldn't mind if they were right
Sitting on the arm of her chair those vacation nights

And in my mind there in my memory
well there's the boy that I call Boris G.
And all his love, well that belongs to me
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Funny little smile, those perfect curls
And as a young man sweet talks all the girls
He is my best friend in the whole wide world

Oh yeah
Oh yeah
Oh Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

And when this old man becomes old and gray
Speaking voice will sound like Jenny did
I hope he's there to send me on my way
This sweet old man was one hell of a kid
You know I got to watch him fly
Fly high

And in my mind, yeah in my memory
well there's the boy that I call Boris G.
And all my love, well that belongs to he
Yeah yeah yeah

Those turtlenecks and all those perfect curls
And as a young man sweet talks all of the girls
He is my best friend in the whole wide world

And in another life we walked the streets of Spain
We got caught in a cold cold viking rain
And I wonder if we knew each other
Knew each other
Knew each other's name


Oh yeah


You know I got to watch him fly
Track Name: zero man
Because he got a mother likes to see him face down in the sand
He living under cover trying to figure out just where he stands
A chatty motherfucker with some kind of low down master plan

He drops bombs on the city from the windows of his mind
Says he's ruined and shitty and I say hey kid in time you'll see you'll find
Someone who will understand...
He says 'No, they just call me Zero Man'

Because he got a brother who never had his back, left him alone
The only kind of lover that he's ever known's been on the phone
From group to group he'd hover till he realized that he was better on his own

Cuts the throats of the hero's with the blue blade in his mind
In his notes draws the zero's and they all say hey there kid in time
You see you'll find someone who will hold you hand
He says 'No, I'd rather be the zero man'
'I'd rather be the Zero Man'

You can hear him coming
But by the time you're running
The time's too late

In his grip you're waiting
And everything is fading
He seals your fate
(steals your fate)

On the nightly news
They gotta pick and choose
Which images they'll give away

Talking head will say
Earlier today
Above your head they found a halo drawn in the sand
It's the calling card of the Zero Man
Track Name: pullm'n
She's the kind of girl who's eyes can make you drunk and sober
Kind of girl you build a mansion for then have her over
Love's equivalent to how luck loves the four leaf clover
Just a fool with a guitar who's damn lucky to know her

Nursing all my dreams when they are in danger of dying
Giving me my wings when I am in the mood for flying
Cause of her I'm like the Grinch, my heart size multiplying
Frequenting her shop cause what she's selling I am buying and it's

Love, love
Everlasting love
Loving you…

Kiss her in the rain near German pimp junior's apartment
Needs a laugh she calls me up cause that is my department
Elliott is singing, she looks through the glove compartment
Who can say that from the play they knew what crossing stars meant?

Oliver's out on the town in top hat and in blazer
Young one with the smily face thinks you and I could raise her
Fourteen hour days can try but find they'll fail to phase her
Sea of green swells in her eyes a super-sonic lazier that is

Love, love
Everlasting love
Loving you

Love, love
Everlasting love
Loving you

She listens to songs about fire and rain
I'm off playing games with a man named James
Lucky she knows my…

Name it and he'll do it cause he wants your love forever
You are only happiest when you're happy together
Like Mrs. Sarcasmless we stand and face the weather…

Love's a word not quite defined in all the books your reading
You see love personified, lose logic go on feeling
In loves eyes you're so alive each moment you are stealing
Walrus man from Liverpool says love is all you're needing

Love, love
Everlasting love
Loving you

Love, love
Everlasting love
Loving you

Who knew dinner at the diner'd be such a thrill
Leave the dance and catch a plain, a beach in Brazil
Ocean beat the hell from me, but I loved you still
Yeah, yeah

Watch you from a mile wanted to take your head
Sunshine's in your smile, got my head in the sand
Pining for a while, now it's with you I stand
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah